Ready to Go Looks… Gold or Silver

Maybe both, and there is no shame in that!!!! Did you know? That Silver jewelry has made a huge comeback this spring season! Silver has…


Maybe both, and there is no shame in that!!!!

Did you know?

That Silver jewelry has made a huge comeback this spring season! Silver has taken a back seat to gold jewelry for long enough it is time for silver to shine!!!!

What is ready to go looks?

A blog series I am starting today that will give you bundles of jewelry alongside outfits that these looks look great with!

The ready to go looks will give you enough for an entire week, 7 outfits with jewelry that is great for those outfits! The 7 outfits will be spread out into 3 separate posts

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Lets get to the look…

I agree now that we got all of our housekeeping out of the way lets get right to the ready to go looks!

Closet staples

I hope you agree but every girl needs a maxi dress a plain maxi dress and every girl needs a black dress it is always a bonus when it is a black maxi dress along with a denim jacket, every girl needs a good denim jacket (if not multiple jackets)!

I’ll be by the pool maxi dress

This dress is very oversized/relaxed fit, but so cute and ready for travel! This dress is perfect for travel, hanging out by the pool, lounging at home, running errands, going to church, really anything you have on your calendar you will look amazing in this dress

I am 5’8” I do not like my clothes to cling to me, I am a typical medium but sometimes I size up to a large not to look baggy but to not cling! This dress I got in a medium and it is huge, I can style it off the shoulder and think I will use it as a swim coverup(so cute) I ordered another color and got the small and still have plenty of room!

PRO TIP: stay true to size for an extra baggy loose fitting dress, size down for a more fitted(still not clingy) look!

versatile styling options

This maxi features two side slits which allows you to knot up the bottom front, the front and back or tie it up to a short dress!

You can belt it, wear a jacket over it, kimonos look great with it, wear a tshirt knotted over it!

Dress it up with heels and gorgeous jewelry

Dress it down with flats or tennis shoes and simple jewelry


I am a super fan of this look, perfect for lounging at home, running errands, or transitioning from working to evening spent at home

I realize some are still nervous about joggers but come here to see my style guide where I give you ideas on how to wear and style your joggers!

Closet candy have so many options when it comes to joggers, I am here for it

Who doesnt love a good graphic tee? Pairing a cute graphic tee with joggers is just a really neat way to show off your personality while being super casual!

Do we still wear jewelry with casual clothes?

That is a great question! In my personal opinion, absolutely you should wear jewelry no matter what type of outfit you are wearing! Jewelry ties your outfit together!

Here is the Jewelry looks

Gold or silver? You decide all of these pieces come in both silver and gold… hey you may just want to get both and that is totally fine!


Dottie- the perfect everyday stud earring, gives some light to the ears but no actual sparkle

Chico- A designer inspired piece a gorgeous hardware ball stud available in gold, silver and rose gold! The perfect everyday stud and a staple for your jewelry box


For this ready to go look- I chose the romance chain- this is a gorgeous open chain which is super on trend. This necklace features a removable heart pendant charm… this means you can interchange the gold heart with the silver for a fun mixed metal look! You can also add the heart to a different chain altogether!


This bracelet is a personal favorite of mine, wait till you see it, it is sure to be your favorite too!

Austin is a drawstring adjustable bracelet with a bar of highest quality CZ crystals, simply stunning!

The adjustable nature makes this bracelet super comfortable and literally will fit any size wrist!


Silver features gorgeous clear crystals while the Gold features stunning rainbow crystals

How to get this Ready to Go look?

The I’ll be by the pool maxi

Denim jacket

graphic tee


The gold jewelry look

The Silver jewelry look

Pro tip: the jewelry looks are pre-made smart carts everything is ready when you click the link you can checkout and your sparkle will be on its way to you!!! If you want to edit your cart you can or you can checkout the way the cart is, up to you!

In the next ready to go look…

You will see Pearls are always a good idea and that will be published on Friday April 8th

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