How to style joggers

The today show recently posted to their blog a post on how to wear joggers 4 ways… you can see that post here! Joggers are…


The today show recently posted to their blog a post on how to wear joggers 4 ways… you can see that post here!

Joggers are my absolute favorite piece of clothing in my closet, and just the other day I heard a friend say she wished she loved joggers, she just couldn’t!

This got me thinking, there are probably more out there who need a little help to appreciate this wonderful article of clothing

How to Wear Joggers

Joggers are not just for lounging as many would think when thinking about joggers you think of athleisure and lounging around the house. Joggers are amazing to lounge around the house joggers are also great for

  • The gym
  • walking outdoors(hiking)
  • running errands
  • date night
  • work
  • transitional attire

Is there one of the ways to wear joggers that surprsied you? Maybe date night or work, can you really wear joggers to date night and can you really wear to work?

Yes let me show you how to style your joggers 5 ways

The gym

Wearing joggers to the gym especially in winter or spring, the joggers you wear to workout are going to be a little lighter and tighter… this is so you will be able to work out

Pair these with gym shoes

Walking or hiking

Again just like wearing joggers to work out in the gym the joggers you wear to walk or hike should be lightweight and a little more fitted and tighter

Pair these joggers with walking shoes

Running Errands

Joggers are versatile, worn as sweat pants and comfortable to wear all day running errands

Pair these joggers with tennis shoes or booties or flats

Date Night

Joggers are not just for casual attire These can be the hottest pair of pants in your closet!

Check out these KanKan leather joggers

also I have seen satin joggers too perfect for date night, pair your date night joggers with ballet flats or your favorite pumps or stiletto’s


Wearing joggers to work you will want to wear a Ponte fabric, satin, or bamboo and pair with a fitted top layer with a blazer and pair with pumps or stiletto’s


You know that time between work and bed, this is transition time.

My favorite way to wear joggers is as transitional wardrobe.

Working all day in dress pants, dress shirt, heels, (the whole thing) there is nothing better than coming home pulling all of that work wear off and putting comfortable joggers on with a graphic tee! This outfit is perfect to transition from work to relaxing at home yet put together enough for company both expected and unexpected and even the unanticipated run out to the grocery store

To accessorize or not

I say always accessorize is best practice! Earrings, necklace and bracelets are a must with even the most casual of outfits. Jewelry brings the outfit together

Can you wear statements with joggers?

You absolutely can even with joggers and a tee

Can you dress joggers up?

You absolutely can, pairing a pair of joggers with a blazer is a fun way to dress it up and it makes joggers work appropriate also when you pair with heels, very dressy

What shoes are appropriate with joggers?

  • tennis shoes
  • walking shoes
  • Ballet flats
  • mules
  • booties
  • pumps or stiletto’s
  • slipper shoes

The most important part

Have fun and be comfortable, now that you can see all the places you can wear joggers and the ways you can style joggers I hope you will give joggers a try

closet candy has a ton of joggers come see them here

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