Ruby Ribbon incentive trip

download (1)As you know I am an independent stylist with Ruby Ribbon!!! I absolutely love my job fulfilling my lifelong dream of owning my own fashion boutique!

Ruby Ribbon announced at their national convention in July that we are going to Punta Cana Dominican Republic in March 2017!!!! I am so excited– I want to go to Punta Cana… Do you? Yes you heard that right I asked you if you want to go with me?

images (1)

You can!!! Here is how

  1. sign up to be a stylist you have options
    1. shapewear stylist under 300
    2. fashion stylist
    3. the whole boutique stylist under 500
  2. sell 750 in your first 30 days (this is easy to do you will probably sell way more than this) this is called your faster start
  3. invite friends to join you on this awesome journey
  4. you will receive points for every sale, and each recruit you invite to join

Earn now until January 31st 2017

you can even earn a branded tote bag, a diamond necklace, a trip for one, a trip for two

This trip is all inclusive and paid for you by Ruby Ribbon

you deserve it

Who has ever had a vacation paid for them, and the only requirement is that you go and relax and have fun?

Come and go with me





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