Are you having pork and cabbage today?

So growing up we always had cooked cabbage and pork for dinner on New Years day. The day was spent at home relaxing after the busiest of Holidays and the late night before!

This year is no different in our home we are in deed having pork and cabbage

our New Years Day menu

  • Honey baked ham
  • scalloped potatoes
  • green beans
  • cole slaw
  • batter bread (this is another tradition in itself)

So Why do we eat this every year?

Well it is a tradition that has long been in my family(most of which don’t hold to it anymore some eat pinto beans and cornbread while others go completely non-traditional)

Pigs have been long looked at as good luck charms so eating pork on the first day of the new year is meant to bring good luck the whole year. cabbage is looked at like money and to eat it on the first day of the new year will bring you good fortune for the year to come. Now has it worked as of yet…. maybe not but it is always fun to stick with traditions and think about the lots of money you will be making because you ate cabbage on New Years day!

I hope each one of you have a fantastic new Years day full of family, friends, good food, good fashion and creative plans…Happy 2019!