Spring is here!!!

Well not exactly… as I sit here typing out this post the weatherman says we are anticipating a snow storm for the weekend… uuggghh😔

Anyway whether it snows or not Ruby Ribbon Spring has sprung and once again it is amazing😍

Ruby Ribbon never ceases to amaze me, being with this company for 5 years we continue to improve and gets better every season!!!

So you have asked for it and we delivered yet again

We have a whole new active line fashion line and some new shapewear,this capsule is hottt🔥🔥🔥

Without further to do let’s introduce this amazing line

The active line

Our Active line is the BEST because

  1. Moisture wicking-keeping you dry and comfortable
  2. Intomi and compression-keeping everything in place
  3. UV blocking- keeping you safe from the sun
  4. Every woman- we are the only brand that goes up to size 50
  5. Custom unique designs- you won’t find our designs anywhere else since our Designer creates each one of ours

And now the fashion line

Our fashion pieces are on trend for each season but truth be told I still wear my fashion pieces from 5 years ago, because our fashion is timeless❤

And now for the new shapewear piece

These pieces are absolutely gorgeous and is going to allow you to say bye bye bra and bye bye tummy(after the holidays 😁) and look super cute💖

No more uniboob, you are going to get lift and separation and all day support without that pesky underwire

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