Leave a little sparkle where you go

So many years when I opened my ETSY store, I really didnt have a plan(which could be a good reason why it never made it off the ground, well past a jump🤣)

I opened my shop in March of 2008 oh my goodness 11 years ago this year and over the past 11 years I have been a little bit of everything in my shop.

I started put selling handmade greeting cards, after my family begged me to do so😊 then I began dabbling in hand crafted jewelry, my favorite being these neat glass tiles with Japanese foil papers(oh so pretty) I was making accessories for the everyday woman

One order of glass tiles had scrabble tiles and I thought it was a mistake but I researched it and sure enough it was a thing😮

I made mine different with a screwed in bail leaving the entire letter exposed, I sold several never consistent but yes I sold some

So then came stickers and man oh man that was a game changer… I have always loved stickers, paper, pens, sparkle, crafting so why not?


decided that since I have landed my dream job as a medical coder, auditor, compliance specialist, still a college teacher, I have achieved my masters degree and credentialed as much as I want I am going all in with my ETSY shop!!!

What does that mean?

Everyday working my day job coming home to work in the creative corner gives me a creative release!

I am determined to make my shop a success this year💖

I am continually researching the market and adding new fun things to the shop

My newest addition are these super cute planner charms and clips

Have a creative day