Flying this summer?

Have you flown Allegiant?

I absolutely love Allegiant airlines

For affordable tickets to my most favorite destination… Florida among other places but I fly to Florida 1-4 times per year to see family and it is such a convenient way to fly

Here are some tips when booking an allegianr flight

  1. Don’t get too excited when it says your flight is $29.00
    1. The flight price shown is Ala carte style
  2. Make sure you pack light try to get everything in a carry on or a checked bag but you won’t want both
  3. The flights are direct nonstop flights
  4. All food and beverage service is a paid service meaning no commentary beverage or snack unless you are an allegant Mastercard holder
  5. The best seats on the plane cost more but it is worth it
  6. Get travel insurance

Typically if you go to purchase airfare you will see a price and then once you proceed to book that flight you will see the extra government surcharge and taxes added on but for the most part the ticket price is very close to whet you end up paying.

With Ala Carte pricing you will see an amazing price of $25 $ 45 $60 dollars for a flight(wow that is amazing you say let’s go on vacation right now at that price!!!!) But then you realize that low price is one way only and you must pay a second price for your return flight(it is still low though)

Once you select your desired dates… keep on mid they don’t fly everyday and sometimes especially during non-peak season they may only have one flight per day.

Allegiant just introduced bundles recently I am not sure of the exact date. Essentially what this does is helps to lower the price of all the add-ons

The three bundles are

  1. Allegiant basic
    1. You will still need to add all your extras like bags, seats and more later on in booking process
  2. Allegiant bonus adds $118.00 per person
    1. One personal item
    2. Seat selection
    3. Carry on bag
    4. Trip flex insurance
  3. Allegiant total- adds $171.98 per person
    1. One personal item
    2. Seat selection
    3. Carry on bag
    4. Checked bag
    5. Priority access
    6. Trip flex insurance

I am going to walk you through a booking to Florida from WV

Aug 21-31

Flight price $49 each way

If I choose allegiant basic here is my total

  • Flight- $83.60
  • Taxes, carrier charge, govt fees- 112.40
  • Seats-seat selection cost $0.00-$80.00 per passenger per way
  • Priority boarding- $4-$12 per passenger per flight
  • Trip flex insurance-$8-$20 per passenger per flight
  • Carry on bag- $10-$75
  • Checked bag-$50-$75
  • In flight refreshments- $2-$7

So you can see how your $49.00 trip can quickly turn into $100s of dollars for a flight

Well so now you are probably wondering why would I be recommending Allegiant why not fly United or Delta or American…?

Well it is convenient for me, the airport is close, the flight is direct and short at 1.5 hours you’re in Florida at the beach, yes please!!! The staff feels like family, now you will probably encounter a flight attendant or too who are grumpy but 99% of my flight experiences with Allegiant have been very positive, with nice polite and friendly flight crew.

I have had 2 experiences in which my flight was severely delayed, in both instances they went above and beyond to accommodate us, the first flight that was delayed they ordered pizza hut and fed us dinner for free

The second flight that was delayed they fed us from the airport restaraunt and gave us vouchers for a free future flight!!!

Allegiant is the way to go for me and my family, quick, convenient and somewhat affordable!

Go here to see all the deals Allegiant has and where in the world they fly, hey maybe you can fly Allegiant on your next trip!!

Happy Travels

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