Summer Accessories Shopping Guide

Shopping guide for Summer essential accessories!


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As we are nearing Memorial Day weekend and the temperatures are rising, the sun is out, I thought I would come here and do a top ten essential accessory for Summer. Must haves and you can get all of these from Amazon.

  1. Hats– there are a couple of styles that I think we need
    1. Baseball hat
    2. fedora style hat
    3. sun hat

BASEBALL Hat– perfect for running errands or spending the day at the ball fields- This particular hat has a place you can place your ponytail or bun through and comes in a great variety of colors and prints

FEDORA style hat– Perfect to dress up and head out for an evening out on the town whether it is with your friends or your favorite guy!

SUN hat– This style hat is a MUST have for all those pool days and your beach vacation!


a Good tote that you can use for beach or poolside… I just purchased this tote, I wanted a clear tote so I could see what was inside it with ease while at the beach or pool! I will come back and give a product review once I receive this tote but I am pretty excited to receive it!

3. The best outdoor sandals

I basically live in these sandals all summer long, they are perfect for being outdoors or running errands! I have had a few trips with these sandals (great for airports) also trips to parks and zoos feet do not hurt at the end of the day, support is GREAT! I even wore these sandals riding horses on the beach and in the ocean!

If you don’t like things between your toes… try these ! I am telling you I live in these sandals(the ones above) the support is great!!!

4. Sunnies-

Every girl needs a good pair of sunnies for summer– Loving these polorized(rainbow) aviator style sunglasses would look great whether you are sitting poolside, boating on the lake or sitting with your toes in the sand!

5. A great coverup

Coverups that can take you from the beach to the pool to dinner is important, you dont want to sacrifice style just because you need to cover your swimsuit up.

6. wristlet

Sometimes you dont want to carry your entire purse but still need something to hold all of your essentials!!!

Coach wristlet is my absolute favorite, I carry as my wallet but then when I need to carry just that my phone lip gloss and a few other essentials fit right inside! This is actually on sale… a GREAT deal check it out!

7. Hair accessories

Hair ties- Get that long hair up off your neck- My favorite hair ties are these right here, I end up wearing on my wrist everyday like a bracelet, they hold up well for repeated use* unless my cat gets a hold of them… he loves playing with them 🙂 )

Headbands- these are a great way to express your style all summer long!
These Seersucker headbands are so cute and perfect addition to your summer dress or denim shorts and a graphic tee

8. Beach towel-

I absolutely LOVE this beach towel– perfect for those pool days, days at the lake or on the boat or a beach vacation, beach towels need to be thick enough to absorb the water to help you dry and large enough to cover up.

9. Drink accessories

Tumbler-Staying hydrated in the summer is important but no one said you couldn’t have a cute cup, that keeps your drink cold all day!!!

Silicon Straws– I love these straws in my stainless steel tumbler or any cup for that matter even inside a can of soda or bottle of pop(which do you call it soda or pop?) 🙂

Drink holders– These are perfect to hold your drinks, cell phone and other essentials while at the park or beach!

10. Sunscreen-

Yes, I know this is maybe not technically an accessory but it is a Summer must have whether you are at the ball field at a cookout or outdoor party, at the park, pool, amusement park, or at the beach taking care of your skin should be a priority!

The beach can be tricky… cloudy days are still high sunburn days so be sure you put sunscreen on everyday and reapply often. It is not enough to apply sunscreen on once and only once, you need to reapply to be protected.

Happy Shopping I hope you have a happy Safe summer!!!



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