Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry Trends

Spring 2021 trends you will see in Jewelry


I am so excited I can hardly stand it, SPARKLE convention is this Wednesday, like literally 5 more days!!!

To get ready, I decided to do some fashion research, fun research!!!

What could possibly be in style for 2021?

I have said for weeks I have a strong feeling that silver is back for an on trend metal color, I mean for what seems forever the go to metal color has been gold and I just felt like maybe it is time for Silver to have a turn again

I feel like it is time to sparkle so I think that sparkly pieces will be in

I also feel like maybe tropical or resort wear would be back as well

Other than just my feeling I am not sure but I hope pearls stay (hey who am I kidding…Pearls are always appropriate, right?

So I began my fashion research project at Harper’s Bazaar and found these are the top trends for jewelry in 2021

  • Multi-functional jewelry- so we have seen this for some time, necklaces that double as a bag to carry your lipstick, credit card, keys just your necessities
  • Hammered metals- adds dimension and details that are gorgeous in earrings, necklaces and bracelets maybe even rings
  • Chains- big chains, little chains, chains are in again… last season we saw chains everywhere from handbags to jewelry chains were in and thankfully they are staying in for this season
  • Resort wear- maybe because vacations got postponed, rescheduled or even cancelled during our pandemic but resort style jewelry is in this season and I cannot wait
  • Make a Statement- Statement pieces are back in for Spring, the bigger the better!
  • Silver- Gold has had its place for a while now but Silver is taking center stage for Spring, I cannot wait
  • Mixed Metals- a mix of Gold and Silver is in for Spring

With Park Lane’s Launch of Spring 2021 this Wednesday I am not sure what trends we are going with but I cannot wait to see!!!!

Here is what I hope we see

  • Silver and lots of it, I absolutely love silver and a lot of my customers love silver
  • Resort wear, I think these pieces are fun
  • chains- we already have several chain pieces I hope we continue this trend with some new chains
  • mixed metals- gotta love mixed metals
  • statement pieces
  • I want to see more pieces with Stars, hearts, bees, butterflies
  • Anything that sparkles will be good for me!!!

What are some trends you are hoping to see?

Until Wednesday here are a few sneak peeks for you from the new line



References: Harpers Bazaar

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