High end fashion for less money

Go ahead and get those designer looks for a lot less with Park Lane!!!!


Than you would think…

Who wouldn’t love to shop at the high end fashion stores? I mean yes sign me up!!!

I do not have the wallet for that kind of taste, funny I have always had expensive tastes (champagne taste on a beer budget) 🙂

I have always loved name brands and the more expensive it is the more attracted to it I seem to be whether it be a tee shirt a handbag or a piece of jewelry!

When I joined Park Lane I had no idea of how much fun I would have but also how fancy I would feel every single day, Park Lane truly gives women of every age, every style preference and definitely every budget the ability to dress up and wear the highest quality fashion jewelry in the industry!

I have never been a knock-off fan, I mean if you cant have the real thing then dont bother…. absolutely no offense if you like knock offs.

I heard a stylist say oh my goodness look at this piece of jewelry a knock off of_________. This did not set well with me because I am not a knock off fan.

Then I heard another stylist say look at this__________ a designer inspired piece!!!! YES this right here is exactly what Park Lane has… Designer inspired not knock offs

A knock off wants others to think it is the real thing the designer name brand while a designer inspired piece is not trying to be something that it is not, it is just inspired by the “real” designer piece.

I wanted to share some GREAT designer inspired pieces we have in our line!!!! High fashion at a fraction of the price!

These are just some of my favorites we have a lot more

Tiffany & Co inspired pieces

Who doesn’t love that little blue box? You may love the blue box but the price is not right for you… it is fun to dream though right?

Well no more dreaming you can have these amazing pieces in your jewelry wardrobe for way less, Park Lane comes to the rescue with their cute white boxes!!!

The next designer I want to compare is Cartier, now even if you have some Tiffany pieces (lucky girl) you may be less likely going to have a piece from Cartier but you can have the next best thing with Park Lane’s exquisite pieces

The next designer is Dior, we all love Dior right but probably more than likely we don’t like the price well check out these Park Lane pieces inspired by Dior for a GREAT price

We have so many more pieces!!!! Check them out here

Many times I actually like our version better, what do you think?

So go ahead splurge by yourself some new sparkles and save some money while doing it!!!



Park Lane Price list

  • Idol necklace- $126
  • Crepe earrings- $22
  • Happy Necklace- $52
  • Sparkling earrings- $68
  • Chico earrings- $26
  • Cherish bracelet- $28
  • Tallon Bracelet- $72
  • Promise ring- $80
  • Peyton earrings- $80
  • Sparkling earrings- 68
  • Crest Ring- $44
  • Unite Ring- $38
  • Dovey- $30
  • Solei- $48

Again if you are ready to shop go here

you can also email me at rr.daniellec@gmail.com for a custom look curated just for you


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