Blackstone Grill Review

The best time to buy could be at the end of a season, if you can make it through thr current season! Walmart had a…


The best time to buy could be at the end of a season, if you can make it through thr current season!

Walmart had a grill on sale and it got me thinking…

Time to start looking for next year’s grill, as my grill is pretty much seen better days, it woukd cost more replacing grates and burners.

When I arrived at Walmart they were sold out, I did see a Blackstone which I had considered earlier in the season, but wondered if I would like it.

I caved and bought a Blackstone, 22 inch griddle grill which is more than big enough for 2 people!

box is pretty heavy and awkward, definitely need 2 people to carry box to where you will assemble.

griddle is easy to put together with minimal assembly required and easy to follow instruction booklet.

If you like to grill, I definitely 10 out of 10 recommend this grill.

once assembled we then seasoned the griddle surface(similar to a cast iron pan seasoning)

covered the entire surface of griddle with olive oil and turned burners on high allowing the oil to burn off

grill surface will turn black tgis is how you know it is ready to cook!

Can I just say it is easy to light, no need for a match or lighter…basically just turn thr burner on, you will hear a pop and the burner will be on.

How does it cook?

Restaraunt Quality or better at home!

count me in, you know how much I love to cook at home!!!

our first try at cooking on the blackstone… cheeseburgers I fixed myself a double (by splitting thr patty in half making 2 thinner patties)

1 burner being used above to grill 4 hamburger patties

I picked up the patties pre done in the meat section of my local grocery store. Seasoned with salt/pepper/hamburger seasoning

placed 1 tablespoon olive oil on the hot grill and 1 tablespoon butter mixed it and melted until bubbly then laid the patties down innthr oil/butter mixture

grilled until done, as burger grilled I pressed to flatten out, flipped and cooked more!


10 out of 10 recommend a Blackstone griddle grill

I cannot wait to make Philly cheeseteaks, grilled chicken, and more!!!


I got the 2 burner 22 inch grill surface which is more than big enough for 2 people. I grilled 4 hamburger patties on one side(one burner) probably could have gotten 2 more on the grill surface. If using both sides probably could cook 8-12 burgers

The blackstone comes in a variety of sizes and even have some table top griddle ootions.


what I love about the 22 inch grill I got is it has 2 propane adapters, 1 for a small tank and 1 for a larger tank

this way you could take this grill camping or on vacation, tailgating or on a family picnic such a nice option to have!!!

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