The Joy of a gig job

So, we all could use extra money… if we really think about it, no matter how rich someone is they could always use and want…


So, we all could use extra money… if we really think about it, no matter how rich someone is they could always use and want more!!! That is the crazy thing about money and the reason money doesnt bring true happiness.

Anyway back to the subject at hand😂

I went to school to be a medical coder, got redirected for 7 years to be a medical coding instructor at a local junior college(I loved my job, but always wanted more, I longed to be in the medical field) I left teaching full time to be a Compliance officer and medical auditor at a very large Medical organization in town, still teaching part time for the college online.

I absolutely LOVE my job it is my dream job!!!! The fact I can still teach makes it that much better😍 But even though it is my dream job it is still a job something that I have to go to everyday and work, It helps that I love what I do but it is a job.

To have something that brings in extra income but is fun to do, something that doesn’t feel like work is a gig job or some like to call it a side hustle.

I think that gig jobs are important to have(I will explain later)

Personally I have 2 gig jobs and I love them too

1st is I am an Independent stylist with Ruby Ribbon

I worked hard my first year in business(5 years ago now) and became the youngest leader and the very first leader in WV, I loved having a team, helping them achieve their goals and in turn achieving my goals! Then you could say life got in the way, I went back to school to get my Masters degree, I took a step back from my RR business(this is something that you cannot do in a traditional 9-5, corporate America job without facing some sort of consequences.) I loved that if I needed more money a certain month, I could work my business by simply sharing the amazing products then if I needed time off, well I could take it without asking or telling anyone😊

I don’t see myself ever quitting Ruby Ribbon, this is a business…a gig job I will always have❤ even though at this time I don’t want to build a team and climb the ladder to director, I still want to be a part of Ruby Ribbon, and I can do that, and if my plans change and I decide to build and grow and climb the ladder I can do that too!!!

Now doesn’t it look like lots of fun? To be a Ruby ribbon stylist!!! well, it really is but, more than that as a Riby Ribbon stylist we give the gift of a bra free confident life🎁❤ being a Ruby Ribbon stylist is very rewarding!

Some may think that one gig job is enough.  well not me 😂 for my 2nd gig job I own and operate my own business “Creative Corner Designs by Danielle” a mother-daughter ran business selling handmade stickers, home decor, scrapbooking and planner items, jewelry and greeting cards all handmade by us in our home studio❤

I love creating and crafting after work, running my etsy shop allows for me a creative outlet and quality time with my mom too(its a win win)😊

I have had my shop for 10 years, not always working it but it has been a source of extra income for my family for 10 years.

Doesn’t that look fun?

Yes it is a lot of fun, does not feel or seem like work, feels like we are getting to have a craft party everyday and I LOVE it!!!

The importance of a gig job is to not only offer you and your family extra income but also to give you a release from your 9-5 corporate job, whether that release be creative, rewarding, fun or all of the above!!! It is important when searching for a gig job you find one that is flexible with your schedule, one that you can work from home or anywhere you may be, and one that you can be your own boss!

Direct sales industry is great for gig jobs, running your own business can be if your business is based around your hobby(running your own business is time consuming and can feel more like work than a direct sales business can). Remember that when searching for work at home jobs to beware of scams. Think about vacations or home renovations you want to do in 2019, how much extra money would you like to see each week, month and year… you can do it with a gig job!

Think about getting a gig job or two in 2019



Links to my gig jobs:

Ruby Ribbon

Creative Corner

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