Mochi Monday

You may be thinking what is this? And you may be thinking I am referring to those yummy treats Although a yummy treat this is…


You may be thinking what is this?

And you may be thinking I am referring to those yummy treats

Although a yummy treat this is not what I mean when I say Mochi Monday!!!

Who likes/loves Hoop earrings?

🙋🏻‍♀️ me…me…me, I do, I love hoops!!!!

Before Park Lane that is all I wore a little pair of silver oval hoops or a circle pair with czs

I absolutely love hoops and when the Treasure Tribe(this is my awesome team at Park Lane) started talking about this challenge, I knew I needed to take part!!!

I am so excited to introduce you to Mochi our brand new earrings

I mean just take a look at these beauties🥰

These earrings are Tiffany inspired check it out

At Patk Lane Mochi retails for $30.00

For the Mochi Monday Challenge I am offering a discount you can get these beauties for just $25 this includes tax and shipping!!!

Did you know hoops have been around since the beginning of earrings/jewelry. Hoop earrings were one of the first statement pieces in jewelry all over the world.

Hoops symbolize unity, infinity and are a empowering statement.

Hoops come in all shapes and sizes and are bold demanding attention!!!

You can style mochi in several different ways…although they look very large they are thin lightweight and dainty yet a statement piece for sure!

Styling ideas

These are a must one of the 5 essentials of every girl’s jewelry box

Here is my challenge to sell as many as I can today this Monday, you have to tell me you would like a pair by TUESDAY AUGUST 11TH 5PM

My personal goal is to sell 5 pairs

Now lets look at Mochi on my team mates

As you can see Mochi is a beautiful hoop dangle which combines my two favorite earrings, a hoop and a dangle!!! Not too big because it is so dainty but so very on trend with fall 2020 fashion!

Who is going to help me achieve this challenge?

Today you can get these beauties for $25.00 tax and shipping included


I am so glad you asked

  • Comment on this post and tell me you want a pair leave me your contact info(email) I will reach out and tell you how to pay
  • Comment on my FB post
  • Send me a FB message
  • Send an Email with Mochi Monday in subject line with your contact info


payment is accepted through PayPal or venmo

I appreciate your support so much for all orders I will do a drawing for a free piece of jewelry🎉

Happy Mochi Monday

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